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Traditional recruitment methods break under pressure, easily

Messy, unorganized with no clear employer branding.
Friends and family are not going to be the best candidate pool for your team, always.
Tedious and long process between requirement & receiving applications.
Lack of ability to sell a job prospect to a prospective candidate.
Switch to speedy hiring
Traditional recruitment models are outdated and ineffective.

Through a unique and dynamic hiring model you can meet, connect and engage with a diverse pool of top-quality candidates.

No more waiting for 6-8 weeks or going through stacks of resumes. We bring hiring at an unprecedented speed and scale, just for you.

An average hiring process can take up to 36-42 days.

We’ve reduced it to
48 hours.
Switch to transparency
Our event based recruitment models showcase the skills, talent and personality of candidates in a comprehensive and interactive manner.  

No boring interviews or stale job fairs here.

Instead, you'll have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with potential hires and see firsthand what they can bring to your team

66% of employees said they’ve accepted jobs that weren’t the right fit & the cost of a bad hire can be up to 200% of an employee’s annual salary
Switch to longterm relationships with candidates.
At Switch, we focus on more than just short-term goals.

We focus on creating a positive candidate experience for everyone, including rejected candidates.

This builds long-term employer branding and recall. A tough job, but we’ll get it right for you.

A strong employer brand reduces turnover by 28% and recruitment costs by 50%
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Senior Developer
Delta Air Lines
A big thanks to your meticulous attention to detail and proactive communication. I was able to secure a job offer that perfectly aligns with my career aspirations.
Senior Advisor Fraud Risk
A.P. Moller - Maersk
WOLVES exceeded my expectations with their prompt and personalized assistance, making my hiring experience truly delightful.
Delta Air Lines
Expert guidance and support transformed my job search into a seamless and successful venture, leading me to my dream job.
Senior Developer
Delta Air Lines
Attending the event organized by WOLVES to find my dream role is testament to how job search does not have to be difficult anymore.
The candidates demonstrate unparalleled skills and expertise in their respective roles, making a significant impact on our organization's communication strategies and initiatives.
The new hires’ dedication, creativity, and unwavering commitment to excellence have made them invaluable assets to our team.
Our candidates have proven themselves to be exceptional leaders, inspiring and motivating their teams to consistently deliver high-quality work.
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We answered, before you asked.

With an outcome based recruitment model, we simplify your hiring requirements with customization. Unlike any other recruitment vendor, we choose cities (Tier 1 & 2) to conduct large scale hiring events for our clients. No stale job fairs or campus recruitment methods, but a customized space for your company to hire the best folks in the industry, with speed, transparency and lower costs. 

If you are looking for exceptional tech talent, with more than 25 open requirements, then we curate an event with spaces for merchandize branding, leadership branding, meeting rooms, town hall spaces and express assessment zones. We bring 150+ active job seekers, who are matched based on skill and cultural fit. Employees and company leadership are able to interact, engage and assess each other & find the best fit. Within 48 hours, you are able to hire the best members for your team, at no extra cost to you. Plus, all candidates get the best recruitment experience, till date.

Across the tech industry, hiring the right talent can be a key differentiator. Talent that will start from day 1, deliver the right outcomes and is eager to join your company. However, most times the candidates are underprepared with limited job readiness or an actual idea of what the job entails.Moreover, the costs to hire these candidates are ever-increasing, due to an incorrect match in supply and demand.

With our customized solution, you are able to solve for speed, transparency and brand building. Candidates know and understand the problems they can solve, the leaders they work with and the culture they get to be a part of. Our methods have resulted in a track record of 80-83% offer to joining percentage as compared to the market average of 50%; at no extra cost for organizing the event. 

There is no highly-guarded secret to a delightful recruitment event experience; it’s really all about careful, extensive, painstakingly detailed planning. Everything has to be thought through and looked at from both candidate and employer’s point of view. With a meticulously planned hiring event, a company can attract the best talent from a wider range of backgrounds, cities enabling diversity hiring.

Hosting your own event will keep the focus on your company and puts you in front of an engaged target audience. The entire event is organized at no extra cost to you, and the fees are charged only based on the number of folks hired. 

As recruitment consultants, data plays a major role in administering the best hiring experience for you. From attendance rate to conversion rates to the time to hire, all data is collated and shared with you. The process is as seamless as possible. 

Today, the candidate experience is paramount in hiring. Applicants don’t only care about salaries and companies, but the problems they can solve, the projects they can be involved with, and the culture of the company. As a company, you are looking for the best candidates that can immediately be deployed into projects, and create a positive impact on the revenue. Hence, with our solution, we can achieve both. In our event, the company is able to pitch to the applicants about the company, roles and projects. We help you tell your story in the right way, so that the top tech talent is interested and eager to join you. 

On the other hand, you get access to a curated list of candidates, and a space to build long term branding and relationships with all applicants. You are able to assess them better and quicker, which helps you in the long run. Most importantly, we do not charge an extra penny for organizing this event, instead, the fee is only based on the number of people you hire for your team. Hence, it is a win-win situation for you. 

The world of recruitment is long due for a change in method and approach. We want to be pioneers of customized recruitment models, and are hence offering this to our clients completely free. There is no extra cost to organize The Switch model, and the fees are based on the number of candidates hired. 

Redefine recruitment Customise hiring with speed, transparency & lower costs.
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